Why Choose Windows VPS over Linux VPS?

Posted on July 2nd, 2013

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While going for a Virtual Private Server or popularly known as VPS hosting, one of the toughest decision to make is to select between Windows based hosting or Linux based hosting services. Without any doubt it is a very tricky choice to be made. But if the decisions of the majority of IT professionals and the experts in this field are to be taken into consideration, then arguably the best option at present is to go for Windows VPS. The tenacity to go for Windows based VPS hosting services is not at all a rumour, but certainly it has lots of reasons in favour of it. In the following paragraph of this article we will look into the multiple advantages of Windows over Linux VPS.

Support for ASP.Net:

In the present market scenario one of the major website scripting language that is dominating the market is the ASP.Net. One of the basic reasons for selecting the Windows VPS server in comparison to the Linux VPS server is the support offered by the former for the classic development of ASP.NET scripts and web pages. A Windows VPS server is more than capable of offering support for Microsoft Access databases and Microsoft SQL Server, which Linux based VPS server cannot provide. Another important feature which the Windows Virtual Servers offers over the Linux VPS is the Remote Desktop Access facility which makes the experience as realistic as if you are working on your own GUI based system.


Higher level of compatibility:

The Windows platform usually offers a higher level of compatibility in comparison to the Linux based platform. This fact can be proved with a simple example, and here it goes. While working with the Windows platform you can easily track multiple numbers of clients concurrently with a single control panel, but it is not the case for Linux based platform. For Linux platform you need several control panels to achieve this task. In this manner, the Windows VPS Servers not only helps in the easy tracking of the clients but at the same time it also helps to save a considerable amount of time.


Support for RDBMS:

The Windows Servers have a great reputation for serving with dignity for the different operations related to the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). In fact Microsoft has released one kind of RDBMS Software themselves – The Microsoft MSSQL. If you compare this to Linux, you will find that Windows is slightly more reliable when it comes to RDBMS.

In addition to the above mentioned points, it is also very true that managing the Windows based platform is very easy. Obviously, this should be considered as one of the major reasons to go for Windows VPS hosting rather than Linux VPS hosting.


So Does It Meet Your Requirement?

We know it can be a very hard decision at times. The Efficiency of Linux versus the Easiness & Reliability of Windows. Though we hope after going through this article, you have got a clear idea why to choose the Windows platform over Linux.

So are you convinced enough to go with Windows? Get started here.

Want to play it safe? Go ahead, give Linux a shot with our Linux Xen VPS Range or try our OpenVZ VPS Range.


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