Why Choose Linux VPS over Windows VPS?

Posted on July 20th, 2013

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 Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are need of the hour for the present day world where people need more and more facilities over the World Wide Web for running their websites. One of the toughest decisions that one faces is whether to go for a Linux or a Windows VPS. If your website uses the software that works better with Windows, then you have to go for it whereas if your website needs to be nearer to the Linux platform, it is better to use Linux VPS.


Last week, I gave some reasons to our readers to choose Windows over Linux. This week I decided to enlighten our users with some advantages of the Linux platform over Windows.

Advantages of using Linux VPS

  1. You do not have to pay any amount for this open source operating system. For being cheaper and easily accessible, most of the web professionals use Linux VPS as their ultimate server choice.
  2. It is vastly used by most of the server administrators for variety of activities across the globe.
  3. Linux VPS is more reliable than other platforms. It allows the option of optimizing your website to a great level. It allows installation of the website control panel – cPanel which is famous for its optimization features and website management tools.
  4. Linux VPS also allows you to use most loved databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL. The databases allow you to retrieve data rapidly from the servers and the websites.
  5. Linux VPS supports PHP, MySQL and Apache. To make use of these technologies, you have to go for this server.
  6. It also allows you to use popular Content Management Systems(CMS) like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress with the best available options.


What I have mentioned above are just plain and common reasons why you should go for Linux. But then we have also this said before…You Are The Master of Your Own Sphere! If you want a Windows based environment for the website that you have developed, you could give it a shot surely. But if you want to enjoy greater stability and optimization, the choice has to be Linux VPS. Linux is considered to be the king of internet servers. As a webmaster, I will also choose it due to heaps of advantages of this server over the Windows based VPS. And then I know…I am the master of my domain!


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