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Posted on January 20th, 2013

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Lets understand the difference between a simple websites and web application development websites.

A simple  website is defined by its content, while a web application website is defined by its interaction with the user. That is, a website can plausibly consist of a static content repository that’s dealt out to all visitors, while a web application

depends on interaction and requires programmatic user input and data processing.


For example, a news site would be a “website”, but a spreadsheet or a collaborative calendar would be web “applications”. The news site shows essentially the same information to all visitors, while the calendar processes individual data, takes input from the  users and  provides the suitable outputs to each and everyone on the web. so this is an example of Web Application that means it performs the specific task according to user’s requirements.

More example can be considered such as Google Docs, It is an web application website.


Nowadays users spend much time online. What do they do here? Chat in social networks, use e-mail, listen to music, read news, watch videos at YouTube, do the shopping at internet shops, order pizza and many other things. It will take much time to list all the possibilities of the Internet.  Everything mentioned above is done through web-interfaces. Modern web applications are incredibly popular at present. What are the advantages of such applications? Why are they more popular than the traditional ones, like Microsoft Office or Photoshop.


Let’s start with the fact that some applications can be created only in the form of a web application or it’s the simplest way of their development. Can you imagine a search engine or a social network installed and launched in your home PC? Let us assume that a user downloaded and installed an Internet shop in his home computer. And what then?


What are the advantages of web application development?


  • Web applications are compatible with various platforms. At present there are many operational systems such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc. The developers of ‘classical’ standalone applications waste much money and efforts to make their products cross platformed, i.e. being able to work under various operation systems. Any web application works well irrespective of the operating system preferred by the user. Of course, the question of using various browsers arises but it’s much easier to make your site be displayed correctly in IE and Opera than make a program developed in C++ work under various OSs. Moreover, many new OSs are likely to appear in future. For example, nowadays many new OSs are being developed for mobile devices.


  • The application is at one place. All the web application logic is situated on the server in contrast to standard common software where the application is located in users’ PCs. Since there’s only one working copy of the web application, it can be distributed much easier among users. All the user gets is a user interface, which is the only thing he needs for working. The user can reach the web application in any time from any place.


  • The user is  not the administrator. As a rule, if the user installs an application in his PC, he has to be responsible for administrating it. Since a web application is situated on the server, the user doesn’t have to worry about it. And it’s a big advantage. The web application developers are responsible for administrating.


  • Immediate update is possible in case of releasing new versions. As soon as a new version of the web application is released, all the users get it at once as there’s only one copy of the application.


  • Web applications are light. The user doesn’t have to download all the application into his computer in order to start working with it. Downloading only the necessary part for performing some specific task is enough. Due to this, web applications are not heavy, they are downloaded quickly and quickly respond to users’ commands.


  • Web applications are portable. Since the user doesn’t install anything in the computer, he can work with the web application from any place in the world, sitting in the office, lying on the sofa, sunbathing in the Hawaii and in all cases it will work smoothly.


  • Web applications are simple and reliable. No problems with closed protocols and port numbers. If your firewall lets pass usual web pages (and which one doesn’t?), you can browse any web application.


  • Web applications are safe. With traditional applications, the user has to store the data on their PC or laptops, which isn’t safe at all. While using web applications, your databases are stored safely and backed-up every day.


  • Web applications can be accessed from everywhere. You can reach your database from any place. The user can trust access to the data to anyone and as many as he wants.


Technologies Used In Web development Are :-

  • Ajax
  • ASP
  • CSS
  • ColdFusion
  • Java EE
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Ruby, including Ruby on Rails
  • CGI
  • Django
  • Wt – Web toolkit, a Qt-ish C++ Web Toolkit Library Lets You Write Scripting-Independent Web Apps
  • WebObjects
  • Drupal


Well Web development is becoming more and more widespread and many software development companies providing web development services have appeared in the market. But one has to be careful about the quality of the services provided as it has great impact on the success of any business especially online business. So to clear your vision we are always here to help you out.

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