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Posted on October 19th, 2012

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SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is most commonly used when websites request sensitive information from a visitor, like a password or credit card number.

SSL has been universally accepted on the World Wide Web for authenticated and encrypted communication between clients and servers.


The SSL protocol was originally developed by Netscape for Web browsers. SSL is a set of rules governing authentication and encrypted communication between clients and servers. SSL is widely used on the Internet by an increasing number of varied applications, especially for interactions that involve exchanging confidential information such as credit card numbers

SSL is positioned as a protocol layer between the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) layer and the application to form a secure connection between clients and servers so that they can communicate in a secure manner over a network by providing:


Privacy, where data messages are encrypted so that only the two application endpoints understand the data.


Integrity, where message digests detect if any data was altered in flight.


Authentication, which verifies the identity of the remote node, application, or user by using digital certificates.




Do You Need SSL for Your Website..??

Obviously yes if you have an e-commerce website which takes login details from users,exchange credit/debit card details and passwords etc. If you want to increase your visitors and customers then it’s necessary to build trust in this competitive online market, and SSL does it for you.


As we discussed above about the SSL. It just makes your customers and visitors feel secured while using your website. If you have installed SSL certificate for your website then your unique visitors will not think twice dealing with you. SSL certificate gives then a secure feeling that your website is not Fraud or Scam. So as a result installing this certificate will surely benefit your business and bring lots of customers.


As we know today is the world of competition and in this competitive world if you want to be on top then you must build up trust in the market so that customers will come to you rather than going anywhere else. For example all the website who are willing to be on top are installing SSL certificate no matter where their business stands today but they have faith in SSL certificate that it will surely increase their business in the future.


Even all the social networking websites such as Facebook,Twitter,Myspace,Google Plus and many more uses SSL certificate also many websites who sells their products online prefer SSL certificate for their website to increase their sale and how can we forget all the banking institutions…. All of them have SSL certificate installed on their websites to ensure that they are real and not a SCAM.


One more advantage of installing an SSL on your website is it just secures the login details of your customers and prevents the password leaking also it ensures that your website does not contain any kind of malicious thing which may be harmful for your customers. It also ensures the secure form filling on your website. Provides You Four Amazing SSL Products :- is the authorized partner of Global sign which is a leading and dominating company for issuing SSL certificates. Over the years it has issued millions of trusted Digital Certificates to people, servers and mobile devices for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled solutions and applications.


GlobalSign Digital Certificates protect the data and transactions of numerous Fortune 100 companies and Governments all around the world. its automation technologies allows organizations to transform how they use SSL across networks and into the Cloud. Its solutions take the pain out of using cryptography and allow organizations to benefit from secure workflows, increased productivity and the peace of mind.


Edenhost always thinks about their customers and provides assistance to their businesses, in this way we offer four types of SSL certificates. you may choose any of them which ever suits your need and required for your business at present. These four SSL products are :-

  • AlphaSSL

  • DomainSSL

  • OrganizationSSL

  • ExtendedSSL

All four have their own features you may choose according to your need. Well below you can see the comparison among all four types:-


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