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Posted on November 6th, 2012

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Everyone of us is aware of the 404 error pages. Well they seems to be annoying to everyone of us.Usually we see these pages whenever we click on any page and can’t get that particular page or information from server side, that usually cause 404 error pages that means Not Found Pages which really annoys everyone.

Well Edenhost has tried to overcome with this annoying thing which each and everyone of you face. That’s why has joined a Noble Cause that perfectly utilizes the 404 error pages also we suggest that everyone of you should join this noble cause as you never know that your single 404 error page may save one child’s life as well as it may help to reach his/her home.


Now you must be thinking that what noble cause we are talking about? well we really feel proud to say that we are the part of the Noble Cause. Because we believe that our little effort can save one child’s future and can give him everything back he lost due to any situations.


Belgian-based charity Child Focusorganization in collaboration with Missing Children Europe (MCE) has come up with a noble and creative idea turn useless 404 error pages into posters of missing children across Europe. Each year thousands of children go missing, and publishing photographs of the missing child is perhaps the most effective way of finding the child.


Well it seems that, a collaboration between Missing Children Europe and Child Focus, will be taking the error 404 pages and turn them into digital milk cartons in which missing or abused children’s photos will be put up in an effort to raise awareness. The idea is for anyone with a website to make use of the “dead space” found in error 404 pages and turn it into something useful, which in turn could lead to helping missing children be found.

All you need to do is take the initiative of providing an otherwise useless space of your website to by downloading their application, who will then automatically display information of a missing child saying “Page not found, neither is this child“.


It is satisfying to see that there are people who are using technological and digital development for a good cause rather than for their own benefit and sincerely hope that his project is able to save a child’s life. Even if one child is brought home, We would say that the project is a huge success. Also we hope that you should also join this noble cause as we did,who knows your one small effort can save one’s  life.

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