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Posted on September 14th, 2012

Posted By Rishabh Jain | Comments brings great Offshore Hosting located on high speed servers in France. It allows you to host almost everything. Along with its superb hosting packages, it offers you great support and other addons. Once you join You will never want to leave it for sure. Edenhost has also included the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool Panel inside all the
packages which provides a lot of facilities, tutorials and tools to optimize your site for best rankings in Search Engines. And of course, It has tools like Softaculous which makes installations a 1-click task! And the amazing thing is that now Edenhost is official partners of CloudFlare. Which would surely benefit you lot if you purchase any hosting packages from as you will get lots of benefits of CloudFlare also.

Now the question rises that what is CloudFlare and How Edenhost & CloudFlare partnership can benefit you…??

And the answer is very simple. CloudFlare can make your website load faster, using less bandwidth and less server resources, while at the same time providing protection from threats such as spammers and hackers. CloudFlare is a cloud-based, globally-distributed network, with multiple data centers all over the world that act as proxies. After joining CloudFlare, the traffic to your website can then be routed through the CloudFlare global network. On average, a website on CloudFlare loads 30% faster and uses 60% less bandwidth. This improvement in performance is achieved by routing packets via more optimal paths, compressing data packets, and by automatic static content caching (i.e. images, JavaScript, CSS, SWF, PDF, etc), saving you both CPU and bandwidth resources.

Here are some key benefits of CloudFlare service Which Are Absolutely Free:-

Advanced, Easy & User Friendly DNS Management Interface: CloudFlare offers secure, redundant DNS with a simple and intuitive DNS management interface.As you know that DNS is the vital part for your website this is responsible factor for smooth running of your website all over the internet. Well with CloudFlare you can manage your DNS entries very easily as CloudFlare provides a very easy to use DNS management interface to manage all your DNS entries. And you can manage them with just few clicks.

Makes Your Website Faster: CloudFlare service is helpful in improving your website load time. As is an official partners of CloudFlare that’s why if you choose any of the hosting package from the than you will get this benefit of CloudFlare for free of cost.

Assured Security Of Your Website: CloudFlare service provides the enhanced security to your website by blocking threats and limit abusive bots and crawlers from wasting your bandwidth and server resources. The result: CloudFlare-powered websites see a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks.

Prevent Content Scraping With ScrapeShield On CloudFlare: If you’re a publisher, whether an individual blogger or major media outlet, you’ve undoubtedly experienced content scraping. Searching the web for an article you’ve published or other original content you’ve created and you find it copied and republished on some other random website. Often the site will be full of ads. And, sometimes, it will even rank higher in search results than your original work.

While you may envision an army of individuals copying and pasting your content on their sites, the truth is content scraping is typically an automated process with bots that grab original content and then republish it without human intervention onto link farm sites. CloudFlare has blocked many of these bots automatically in the past, ScrapeShield is an app created by the CloudFlare team. It incorporates several existing CloudFlare features like

email obfuscation and hotlink protection that serve to protect from content scraping and adds a number of new features as well. Because we believe every publisher of original content should be able to understand and control how their work is used, we’re providing ScrapeShield free for every CloudFlare user.

Rocket Loader: Rocket Loader will speed up the delivery of your pages by automatically asynchronously loading your JavaScript resources. Rocket Loader works well for websites that have a lot of ads, widgets or plugins.

Auto Minify: Removes all unnecessary characters from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to reduce file size.

To turn on Rocket Loader and Auto Minify, you need to log in to your CloudFlare account and go to CloudFlare Settings.

IPv6 Gateway: Make your website IPv6 compatible, by turning on the CloudFlare IPv6 gateway.


Edenhost provides you four attractive packages for the shared hosting:-

Shared Beginner – Order Now


Disk Space: 10 GB

Bandwidth: 20 GB

MySQL DBs, Emails, FTP Accounts: 10

Addon, Parked, Sub Domains: 10

Softaculous, 24/7 Support

Cost p/month: $1.10

Cost p/6 months: $5.00 (Free Adword coupon worth  $100 )

Annual Cost: $9.00 (Free Adword coupon worth  $100 )


Shared Intermediate – Order Now


Disk Space: 15 GB

Bandwidth: 50 GB

MySQL DBs, Emails, FTP Accounts: 25

Addon, Parked, Sub Domains: 25

Softaculous, 24/7 Support

Cost p/month: $2.20

Cost p/6 months: $10.00 (Free Adword coupon worth  $100 )

Annual Cost: $17.50 (Free Adword coupon worth  $100 )


Shared Professional – Order Now


Disk Space: 30 GB

Bandwidth: 70 GB

MySQL DBs, Emails, FTP Accounts: 40

Addon, Parked, Sub Domains: 40

Softaculous, 24/7 Support

Cost p/month: $3.30

Cost p/6 months: $11.00 (Free Adword coupon worth  $100 )

Annual Cost: $21.50 (Free Adword coupon worth  $100 )


Shared Corporate – Order Now


Disk Space: 50 GB

Bandwidth: 100 GB

MySQL DBs, Emails, FTP Accounts: Unlimited

Addon, Parked, Sub Domains: Unlimited

Softaculous, 24/7 Support

Cost p/month: $5.50

Cost p/6 months: $16.50+ (Free Adword coupon worth  $100 )

Annual Cost: $30.00 (Free Adword coupon worth  $100 )


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