Get Ready For Edenhost’s New Feature : PHP Selector

Posted on December 1st, 2012

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Edenhost always brings something new and unique for all their customers. So here we are back with a superb tool which is PHP Selector for cloud linux which will benefit both Shared as well as Reseller as it will be available for both.

 UPDATE :- This Feature Has Been Launched.

So wondering what is PHP Selector And How It Works.?? Well Take a look we are here to assist you with the proper information and description about our new upcoming tool PHP Selector


PHP Selector may be categorized as Software/Service which lets you handle multiple tasks related to your PHP. For instance you may select default PHP version as well as you can choose the specific modules which are needed to include for you or for your customers.


After installing it you must know how to use it. Well it is quite easy to use. See the below screen shots to know better how to use it.


PHP Selector lets you select default PHP version, as well as modules that will be available to user out of the box.



Inside cPanel, User will be able to change PHP version they would have




As well as modules that they want to use:


So now you know how to use the PHP selector and what is the main advantages of it. You will now feel independent while using PHP modules or versions as you will not need to contact the support for enabling or disabling any module etc. Well if you face any problem then our support team is 24/7 available for you.


Update – PHP Selector is now installed on server you may now use it for selecting multiple php version and modules

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