Choosing a Perfect Domain Name

Posted on January 26th, 2014

To choose a  perfect domain name is the most crucial and significant to the survival of your website no matter what type of site you want. A lot of times people get so caught up in the designing that they forget that their domain name will be the first thing that would strike their customer. Whether you want to build a blog / forum, business or e-commerce website, there are several things you should remember when you are going through the process of picking the right domain name.



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How do I transfer a domain name that was registered with

Posted on January 23rd, 2014

There are many a times when you are not satisfied with your current domain registrar or just want some convenience by wanting to manage your domain and hosting at one place. GoDaddy, although a popular choice for domains is not quite well associated for it’s hosting services.


We’ve had a few clients wanting to transfer their domains. Most of them come from GoDaddy. To transfer a GoDaddy domain name and/or Web hosting account to EdenHost.Com , just register for the account on our home page.¬†You’ll also need to check a few simple things at GoDaddy to make sure the transfer goes smoothly: (more…)

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