Benefits Of Reseller Program.

Posted on October 15th, 2012

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Participation in Reseller Program may be very helpful for you if you want to fill your wallet with some cash. Especially when that Reseller program is from, As we provide you the most efficient and convenient program that will suite your needs and provide you maximum freedom as a Reseller,which you will never get from other hosting providers. We have more than enough points which proves that why should you choose us for Reseller Hosting. Here we are sharing some of the most adorable benefits in front of you so that you may know why we are best providers for Reseller Hosting Program.

Just take a look some amazing benefits provided by us,which will definitely impress you :-


 Freedom to Add,Edit and Delete DNS zones from WHM :-

You can edit your DNS zones anytime as you get the full control over DNS zone that you host within your Reseller account.


Availability of various important DNS Services :-

Following are the DNS services available to all our resellers:

1) Domain Name Registration

2) Domain Name Transfer

3) Domain Name Renewal

4) Online Domain Management Tools

5) Domain Forwarding

6) Email Forwarding

7) Domain WHOIS Search

8) Private WHOIS Registration Service


Low Operating Cost :-

As all your customer’s domains are hosted on our servers, you don’t need to invest large amount of money for setting up required hardware and software.There is also not any maintenance cost is charged as you don’t need to  replace and maintain your own servers. This will increase your profit margin.


Fast Response Time :-

This is the main goal of our company to response to all of our clients as soon as possible as their satisfaction is our goal, also we don’t stop working on weekends or any public occasions so that you can contact us anytime and we can respond your query quickly.


No Compromises with Quality of Service :-

We never compromise with the quality of our service. we always provide the satisfactory services to all of our clients.As we use high quality servers and hardware.


Efficient Prices :-

We provide you competitive and efficient prices to all our clients so that they can easily afford that also we provide occasional promotional offers and provide discount on various packages.


Freedom to charge whatever you want :-

We give you freedom to charge whatever you want from your customers. We impose no restrictions on what you charge as a reseller. However, you are not allowed to distribute free accounts as they usually tend to abuse our server resources. It is better for all yours as well as other clients who are paying to get server resources their fair share.


Free Search Engine Optimization Tools:-

Every cPanel account on our node comes with a basic SEO tool which will enable you to optimize your website, submit it to Search engines etc. All of this comes free of cost!


Ability to use personal Nameservers :-

Please submit a support ticket and we can assign you IP’s from our nameservers that you can then take to your current registrar where you can then register the nameservers.

If you have Master or Alpha Reseller access you can access Zamfoo in WHM and create your nameservers from there.


Gain Access To cPanel And WHM :-

If you purchase Reseller hosting from us, you get access to cPanel and WHM. If you purchase Master Reseller hosting, you get access to both cPanel, WHM as well as Zamfoo Master Reseller addon which will enable you to upgrade/downgrade your clients to reseller and shared as well as give you full control over your clients. If you purchase Alpha Reseller Hosting, you get access to cPanel, WHM and Zamfoo Alpha Reseller which will enable you to create Master Reseller, WHM Reseller and Shared hosting accounts.

A common feature in Zamfoo is that you can create private nameservers to provide whitelabel hosting.


Multiple Language Support:-

The following languages are supported in user control panels (Cpanel) through rvskin themes:

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Russian, Romanian, Dutch, Brazilian-Portuguese, Simplified-Chinese (GB), Traditional-Chinese (Big5), Polish, Italian, Arabic, Norwegian, Finnish, Indonesian, Korean, Slovenian, Turkish, Japanese -shift_JIS and Japanese-euc-JS.


Well that’s not the end… there are many more amazing features you will get once you join us. You can find the detailed information about various Reseller Packages  on our website from the below links :-




If you face any kind of problem or have any question in mind then feel free to ask anytime. We are always happy to help.

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