And Here’s our New…! No Foooling Really.

Posted on April 2nd, 2013

Posted By Muktesh Ashdhir | Comments

First of all fellas I want to thank each and everyone of you for staying with us through the horrible downtimes as well as sharing the joy with us of being here for almost 2 years now!


For us, today is a really big day. Not just because it is the April Fool’s day, but also because we are going to launch a new product. A product that will bring in great stability and strength to our portfolio. Today we are going to bring in a new virtualization type to our scheme of things. Well. It is quite a popular one, pretty much known to all. For those who aren’t able to guess it till now, can look below –


Do you recognize this fellow? No. He is not Po from Kung Fu Panda. That guy might still be munching away his dim sums in Ancient China. This fellow above might be wearing an ancient wardrobe, but he is a symbol of great efficiency and stability! And he has a great significance in the tech world…

He is the mascot of Xen.Org! Yes. That’s what is really going to be in here at our stores now! I am glad to announce the arrival of our new range of Virtual Private Servers which are going to be based on Xen virtualization.

Yes! This means no more fighting for resources. You get exactly what you buy with no interference from any other VPS on the same node. Everything is going to be pretty neat and clean and much faster than ever as well. Currently, the stock available is only for around 25 VPS. And we are surely expecting a great response from you and your friends, clients and well-wishers to give us a chance to sell in more stock for this virtualization.

The prices are relatively similar to our OpenVZ VPS plans as well! You can check our plans here.

So while you might have tested an OpenVZ one before, why not give Xen a shot as well? We are waiting for your order here.

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