A Small Contribution to Uttarakhand Flood Victims

Posted on July 15th, 2013

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Once the land of Eden, Uttarakhand is now covered with debris and mourning for the thousands who have lost their lives and those of their loved ones.


With a few thousands already been cremated and many others missing and feared dead, we have taken an initiative to help the remaining survivors from perishing due to inadequate food and shelter. And supporting us in this initiative is an NGO – Goonj.

We have pledged to donate 5% of July 2013’s revenue to the organization. You may not be using our products and services, but you could still contribute to the initiative by directly donating to the organization through Bank Transfer, Demand Drafts, Credit & Debit Cards. We have also setup Paypal donations to felicitate help from individuals and organizations abroad.


However, when we appeal for donations, it is not just limited to help in financial form. Your donations in form of essentials like utensils, clothes, dry ration, paper, toys and furniture will also be appreciated and gracefully accepted.


What has happened could mainly be because of human activities. And that is what makes us even more responsible to get everything back on track. So let bygones be bygones, and help the victims with your small contributions.


Sometimes we are too busy with our own lives that we tend to forget the people who have risked their lives for others. A salute to all the soldiers and others who are fighting the tough weather and working day in, day out to get this help across the survivors. Remember, even a small contribution can make an impact as big as saving someone’s life.

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